How to make a paper jumping frog

How to make a paper jumping frog

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This is what you start with. Cut a piece of paper to be roughly the shape of an index card. You can use full sheets of paper if you want a bigger frog. The shape is what's important.

Start by folding down one corner and creasing. Creases are important!!

Unfold and do the same on the other side.

You should have an "x" creased in your paper.

Turn the paper over so the x is on the bottom and fold back to crease the middle of the x.

It should look like this when you flip it back over.

This part gets a little tricky but once you learn it it's very easy. You want to pinch together the center crease without creasing the paper again.

Then at the same time you push the top down and crease it. There's a video at the end that shows the whole thing if you can't get this part.

Now for the legs. Fold one of the corners up to the tip. Crease. Then do the same on the other side.

Now fold one side to to the center. Same with the other side.

It should look like this.

Now take the bottom and fold it so it lines up with the center of the diamond thing.

And fold back in half to make the legs.

This is what it should look like when you're done :)

Thanks :) hope you enjoy your jumping frog!

Watch the video: How To Make Jumping Paper Frog. Origami Jumping Frog. Paper Frog Making. Easy Paper Crafts


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