How to make layered chapattis

How to make layered chapattis

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All your supplies - these are far better than shop bought and so simple!! :) just note I never measure ingredients as I have done these so many times!

Add flour and salt - mix together! Then add oil and rub in with fingers. Add garlic and chillies or other flavoured ingredients is desired?

If adding chillies make sure they are finely chopped!

Add small amounts of water and mix until you get a soft dough! Slight stickiness to it.

Divide dough into five or six tangerine sized balls - mine where on the small side ideally they need to be bigger!

Flour your board and roll out one ball to a thickness of 2-3 mm then take your Ghee and spread it across the chapatti.

Fold in half and spread on more Ghee!

Fold again and spread on more Ghee!

Then one last fold so it looks like a triangle. Do not spread on more Ghee this time!!

Add a little more flour to the board and roll out triangle to a thickness of 2-3 mm

Then place on to paper towel separating each chapatti. Repeat this for each ball of dough. Then place in fridge until you are ready to cook!

Heat a large frying pan on high! Place in chapatti and let cook until it goes slightly translucent and starts to bubble - flip and repeat! Once each side has slightly browned remove from pan!

This is the fun bit!! Move pan off heat and put chapatti directly onto gas flame! For literally seconds it will start to bubble.

Then flip over using your tongs! Repeat this a couple of times until cooked. Let it sing on the bubbles slightly will add flavour! But don't let it burn.

It's getting there!!


Serve straight away still warm with you're favourite curry and rice!!! Also you can use them for wraps with a dryish curry??!

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