How to make a holiday gift bow

How to make a holiday gift bow

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Gather your supplies.

Cut ribbon into strips: three 9.5 inch strips, two 8.5 inch strips, and one 3.5 inch strip. Feel free to experiment with using narrower ribbon and therefore more strips.

For each piece of ribbon, loop the end back around to the center. The pretty side should be facing away from you as you do it.

Make the same type of loop with the other end of the ribbon, overlapping both ends as they meet. Staple the center of your figure 8 to hold it all together. Repeat w/ all five of your longer ribbons.

Make your smallest ribbon into a simple tube with the pretty side facing out. Glue or staple it closed.

If all went according to plan, something like this should be shaping up.

Arrange your three large figure 8’s on top of each other with a dot of glue between each one.

Repeat with your two smaller figure 8’s.

Glue the loop in the center and marvel at your masterpiece!

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