EsaVox: A Lamborghini-Infused Audio System

EsaVox: A Lamborghini-Infused Audio System

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What’s the next best thing to owning a Lamborghini Aventador? Paying tribute to its magnificent visage by splurging on a $24,000 speaker system.

[Image Source: IXOOST]

Lamborghini has always been known for their untamable flamboyance while maintaining a balance between sheer brutality and precision functionality.

The sound of a roaring Lamborghini sends shivers down the spine of any automobile connoisseur. But their acoustic authority doesn’t stop there. Lamborghini have teamed up with IXOOST to channel their aggression into a one of a kind audio system.

The ‘ESAVOX’ recalls the iconic features of the Lamborghini and infuses them in a hexagonal carbon cabinet capable of exuding limitless eccentricity.

[Image Source: IXOOST]

The ESAVOX boasts a remarkable resemblance to the segmented rear of the hypercar that it characters. The original exhaust of an Aventador makes up the speaker's central element. This detail carries all the way down to the start-stop button and signature red safety latch.

[Image Source: IXOOST]

A 15-inch down firing subwoofer in Neodymium (a rare metal use for high strength permanent magnets), fixed over a passive shock absorber system, accompanies two 1-inch tweeters shielded in Mylar.

[Image Source: IXOOST]

“Two stereo valve preamplifiers on input, an amplifier of 600 Watt and one of 200 Watt dedicated to the subwoofer all constitute the driving force of EsaVox. Frequency control is managed by two DSP’s of 24 bit to optimize audio filtering” says the IXOOST company.

[Image Source: IXOOST]

The ESAVOX comes equipped with two full range 6.5 inch speakers and two 8 inch woofers. You can control them via your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0. It weighs 53 kg and measures 125 x 59 x 65 cm. System colors come in Aldebaran Black, Atlas Orange, Evros Yellow and Mars Red for a personal touch or to match your garage dwelling counterpart.

While this audio system is clearly not for everyone, it does pay tribute to the legacy of the raging bull. This elaborate piece of engineering is the substance of fantasies.

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[Featured Image Source: IXOOST]

Written by Terry Berman

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