This Innovative Tool Could be the Answer to Pain-Free Tooth Extractions

This Innovative Tool Could be the Answer to Pain-Free Tooth Extractions

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Extensive decay, a cracked tooth which is beyond repair or an incorrectly positioned teeth are just some of the reasons one may require a tooth extraction. However, no matter how common it is, the procedure is painful and uncomfortable for the patient and also difficult and uncomfortable for the dentist.

Typically removing a tooth requires the dentist to cut the gum from around the tooth, then using pliers rock the tooth back and forth to loosen it from the jawbone and ligaments that hold it in place. Often quite severe force is needed to fully pull the tooth out, a process that can leave the patient battered and bruised.

The BenexExtractor has redefined tooth extraction

Thankfully there is an alternative to this uncomfortable method. Benex has "redefined extraction" by creating a painless method of tooth extraction. Designed by a group of Swiss dental surgeons, the BenexExtractor causes less pain than typical extraction methods whilst it also preserves bones and soft tissue.

Instead of using brute force, the BenexExtractor uses tension to pull the tooth out. The first step is to loosen the gum around the problem tooth, this is done by a special tool for around a minute.

Next, a hole is drilled into the tooth and special Benex extraction screw is inserted.

The BenexExtractor tool is then placed inside the patient's mouth, it sits on the teeth around the problem tooth to provide a stable base.

The extraction screw is attached to the extractor and then using tension the tooth is pulled out with just a small amount of pressure from the dentist.

The Benex Extractor is becoming more and more popular in dental practices around the world.

Often using the BenexExtractor means avoiding painful and costly root extraction surgery. Dentists around the world say that not only do they experience the benefits of using the extractor, but that their patients are so happy they are willing to undergo the typically painful procedure without qualms.

Having to undergo a tooth extraction is a source of fear and anxiety for many people.

Tooth extractions are reportedly on the rise, possibly due to better access to health care, hopefully, technology like the BenexExtractor will replace the older more archaic procedures.

The BenexExtractor inventor travels the world giving talks and lectures about the revolutionary product.

He trains dentists and surgeons in the use of the tool and advocates for innovation in dentistry.

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